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    VirtualBox 6.1 VMSVGA/VBoxSVGA and 3D graphics

    Carlos Valente



      Is there a way to put VirtualBox 6.1 working as in 6.0 concerning to 3D graphics (so far only with Windows guests)?


      I'm running VirtualBox 6.0 on Ubuntu 18.04.3 (kernel 5.0) and with VirtualBox 6.0 the graphics settings works fine for both VMSVGA and VBoxSVGA including 3D option enabled, but with VirtualBox 6.1 it's simply impossible to set 3D (option is available but never kepts, showing a warning about incompatibility).

      Whatever configuration I choose (in VB 6.1) once the guest starts, it's impossible to install the guest addictions, getting an error about missing or corrupted DirectX installation.


      Once again, the same guest works fine with both VBoxSVGA and 3D enable as also with the guest additions.


      Conclusion so far: With VBox 6.1, windows guests don't work with 3D neither SVGA graphics...


      Kind regards,

      Carlos Valente