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    Mass Update Failure Message


      Whenever I perform a mass update, if there are any failures, I always get the message:


      Your mass update is complete, and has been successfully performed on <some number> records. <some number> records failed with following IDs and messages:


      And that's it. I never see the message about what caused the failure - the rest of the page is blank. I've looked at the source, and it doesn't seem that there's any text hidden or anything - just an empty table.


      Why is there no message? Presumably there is, somewhere - it's just not shown. How can I see it?

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          The same thing happened to me yesterday lol. I was testing a mass update & got that same message with no info on what the problem was. I looked at my data & saw what I did wrong, so I didn't think more about it, but would love to know if it's a glitch, or if it's just always been like that, hahaha.