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    OLVM with OL8 Support

    Andy Clark

      Hi there,


      We are looking at a new 'long term' deployment of OLVM for one of our projects. With Premier Support for OL7 coming in June 2024, it would make sense for us (at least) to deploy onto OL8.

      That will then save us a whole world of pain of having to try and move hosts from OL7 to OL8 further down the line.


      But from what I can see, OLVM does not yet support OL8. Looks to be supported in OVirt 4.4 and that's only on a early Alpha release.


      So it seems that we are long way off from a OLVM release with support for OL8. Is that correct?

      What would be my long term options here, bearing in mind that re-installing hosts is not an option once we've gone live.