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    Cost of Goods Adjustment Issue


      Greetings, Programs!


      We're struggling to understand why something that has worked in the past seems to have suddenly stopped working, specifically, Cost of Goods Adjustments. The situation is that an Item was received at the incorrect price and now that the period is closed, we cannot go back and edit the transaction per our company and audit house policies. In the past, we've done Inventory Adjustments to take the Inventory out at the higher cost and then bring it back in at the lower cost addressing the issue. Now, however, that solution does not seem to be working anymore.


      We've reached out to NS Support whos solution was simply open the Period, delete the IR and re-receive it, however as indicated previously, this is a no-no for our company. So, I ask...


      1) Have any of you experienced a change in this functionality recently?

           1B) If so, how did you deal with it?


      2) Are there any other work-around solutions to address this CoGs issue that I may not be aware of?


      Thank you all in advance for your time and support in assisting me with this issue.


      David J Bell

      NetSuite System Admin

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          I need to understand your issue in details,

          What error are you receiving when you enter inventory adjustment now?

          What date and period you are entering for inventory adjustment? do you want to record inventory adjustment in back date?


          Because its working fine at my end.