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    Oracle WebCenter Portal - Login


      Hi everybody,

          I've install Oracle WebCenter on Oracle Linux 7 (WebCenter Content, Portal & Site). For the WebCenter Content, everything is OK and all managed servers are started, properly. In addition, I can login and load every page on each related URLs such as http://hostname:7001/console, http://hostname:16200/cs, http://hostname:16225/wcc, http://hostname:16250/ibr; all of these URLs are access-able and there's no problem.


          With regards to the WebCenter Portal, the managed-server "WC_Portal" is in "RUNNING" mode and healthy. But when I try to access the portal via http://hostname:8888/webcenter, the login.jsp page isn't working (The full URL is: http://hostname:8888/webcenter/system/login.jsp ); the message is:

      This page isn’t working

      host is currently unable to handle this request.


      HTTP ERROR 500



      Kindly advise.