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    Implement downloader in javaFX 2 WebView App


      Dear all, take my greetings!


      I am Nurujjaman Pollob, learning java platform a short since ago,  i am passionate about technology, also programming is my primary passion that i take as a part of my life!



      I am Running Windows 7 64 bit, JDK 8, Netbeans 11.2, And i am making a simple webview app for my website, for windows, Its all fine i implement some basic features to make it working, its fine for me now.


      But i get a issues goes with download, when i click link that file needs to be download, it does nothing!



      In Android, i simply implemented a DownloadManager Class, that i found in android doc, i followed their instructions to make it working!


      But in, javaFX i can't find such help to implement it! I know its possible, but i don't know how to do it!


      How do implement downloader in javaFX WebView App.its badly needs for me.


      Can you help me, how do i implement it??


      If you need source code, tell me i'll give but i need download support in my app!