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    Oracle Forms 12c


      Dear Sir,

      How I can change the Text of Graphics Text Item(boilerplate text) Dynamically In Oracle Forms.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Graphic text cannot be changed at runtime. This is no different than any other Forms graphic.  They cannot be altered at runtime.  If you want changable text, use a text item, display item, or create your own Bean or PJC.

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            Eng. Tawfik Einea

            You may do these steps If you need it eagerly, as it is little complex:

            1- Make a Java bean which gets a handle to the forms' java Main class (Java object of class oracle.forms.engine.Main)

            2- Enumerate (in the bean's code) all components of the form.

            3- Once you reach the boilerplate object (because it is a Java object!), store it in a variable.

            4- Use the Java methods to do whatever you want for this object, at run time.

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              Dear Sir,

              I want to show text in my forms with vertical direction. The graphic text can be show in vertical form but its value can not be changed at run-time and text field can not be rotated.

              How its possible to show the value at vertical direction and can be changed in run-time.

              And in oracle reports we can rotate the text (boilerplate) at run time and can assign value to it at run-time by using & sing with field name is there any similar functionality in oracle forms.