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    SQL Developer 9.4: opening and executing scripts takes very long

    Peter de Vaal

      I recently switched from SQLDev 9.2 to 9.4. Until now I have not opened a script from the filesystem, so everything seemed to work fine. But now opening a script of just 82kB takes about 5-10 min. The script contains a plsql package body, and running/compiling it again takes 5-10 minutes. If I do the same in 9.2 it takes less than a second.

      Interestingly, a smaller file (the package spec with only 12kB size) loads much faster. It seems that with the number of lines the time to load grows exponentially.


      I have reproduced this on Windows 10 64-bit and on Mac OSX Catalina.

      I have reproduced it with JDK 8 (update 221 as included in the Win64 distribution, and the brand new 241 on Mac) as well as with JDK 11, so it is not likely to depend on Java version or OS.


      I have to revert to 9.2 as this is not workable at all.