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        Frank Hoffmann



        I think there was a bug in this version which will jump to "user.home" directory if the file_name is not filled. Try "*.xls" or a single character like a space.



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          I'm in the process of configuring a new Windows 10 PC with Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c (with new version of Oracle Forms) and newest version of JAVA.


          I will test it when everything is set up!


          Thanks for all you reponses!





          Marc L

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            Michael Ferrante-Oracle



            In order to ensure the installation process goes well, be sure to take a look at these documents before starting:


            System Requirements

            Installation Guide

            Release Notes


            Tips (mentioned in docs above):


            • Be sure the machine has 8gig RAM or more.
            • Be sure there is free disk space.  Consider that you need space for the downloaded zips, room to extract them, space for temp during install, and space for the install.
            • The user performing the installation must be a member of the Windows Administrator group.
            • Although it is technically possible to install from a remote drive, running the installers from the local machine is recommended.
            • Although you can install on a machine that does not have a static IP address, it is recommended.  If you don't want a static IP, installing and configuring the Windows Loopback adapter and using it is recommended.
            • Be sure to refer to the Installation Guide.  It mentions several critically important steps that you may not consider otherwise.  For example, when you start servers for the first time you must start them in an elevated shell (which is not the same as being an Administrator).
            • You will need access to an Oracle Database v11.2.0.4 or newer to perform the installation.


            The installation process:


            1.  Download and install the latest Java 8 JDK (64bit)

            2.  Download and install WLS Infrastructure (do not configure)

            3.  Download and install Forms and Reports (do not configure)

            4.  Run Repository Creation Utility (RCU) and select the needed schemas or select All (see "Forms and Reports Installation Guide")

            5.  Run WLS Configuration Wizard to create the WLS Domain

            6.  Start the servers (in order) from an elevated shell.  Node Manager then Admin Server.  The managed servers (e.g. WLS_FORMS) can be started from with Fusion Middleware Control (FMC) once the Admin Server has been started.  Until the servers have been successfully started you cannot and should not attempt to make any configuration changes.  (refer to the Installation Guide)


            More information about Oracle Forms, to include documentation, downloads, announcements, and much more can be found on the Forms product page on Oracle.com



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