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    Unavailability of Weblogic and ADF in Oracle Cloud

    Naveen Darisi

      Hi All,


      Our application is developed in JDev version and we are planning to migrate to as this is the latest version which Oracle might support in the future.

      We are looking for Oracle cloud PaaS solution and  noticed that Weblogic is not available in Oracle cloud. We have raised a SR and got a confirmation that Oracle development team hasn't provided any indication that they will be adding the same version in the near future.


      From the above context, I have few doubts.


      1) Is Adf not a stable version? Can the developers migrate from earlier versions smoothly and without any hiccups? (At-least our application broke in where, lot of groovy methods didn't work at run time).

      2) Why is Oracle team not  providing any solutions regarding Oracle cloud Infra?

      3) Is Oracle ADF dying?


      I'm more worried about my career and please advice on which technologies to move into?


      Best Regards,

      Naveen Darisi.

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          Timo Hahn

          I think you are asking the wrong audience. We can't speak for Oracle. This is the public-facing space for JDev & ADF. All you get here are personal views fo other users.

          Here is my personal view or answers to your questions:

          1) Yes, is a stable version. A 'smooth' update can't be guaranteed. It depends on the code you have written. This code we don't know (neither does Oracle). You have to migrate to and see what you get. I migrated projects without any problem, but other projects and problems which we needed to address. For the groovy problems, you should file an SR.

          2) no comment other than that you should ask this over at https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/pages/home

          3) no. We had this conversation over and over again already.