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    Issue with disabling Foreign key constraints on views


      Hello All,


      I need some expert advice regarding the below issue.


      I have 2 tables TABLE_A and TABLE_A_MSK(Copy of table TABLE_A with some data modified).


      I have to truncate the table TABLE_A and load the modified data from TABLE_A_MSK. I am trying to disable the foreign key constraints on other tables based on primary key on TABLE_A. TABLE_A has a primary key which is referenced by an editionable view for foreign key. Now when I am trying to disable the foreign key on view, it is throwing an error table or view doesnot exist. "00942. 00000 -  "table or view does not exist"


      The tables TABLE_A, TABLE_A_MSK and the view are all in same schema.


      What could be the reason for not disabling the indexes.


      Please help me.