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    Flex value sets - :BLOCK.FIELD - FORMS - OAF




      i move customization from FORMS to OAF iProcurment. I have problem with value set DFF on forms after to change reference :BLOCK.FIELD to $PROFILES$ according to:


      It appears that you are using a BLOCK:FIELD definition in a flexfield - this is
      not supported in Oracle Framework
      In Flexfield manual for the bind variable :block.field, there is a warning that
      states the following:
      "The :block.field mechanism is present for backward compatibility only.
      Value sets that use this mechanism will not be compatible with a future release of
      Oracle Applications....."
      At the present time, there is no workaround for using :block.field in Oracle
      Application Framework architecture.
      Please review your defined flexfield structures and where there is a
      BLOCK:field design please ensure this is not used.


      I create personalization on form POXRQERQ where (Event: WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE; BLOCK: PO_REQ_HDR) assign my custom $PROFILES$ value from PO_REQ_HDR.ATTRIBUTE6. Assign works ok but when we will enter the form for the first time we get error "Value not found in set.." because $PROFILES$.MY_CUSTOM_VARIABLE is null. I found some information and probably API DFF is first execute than assign to $PROFILE$ :


      There are three parts to this solution: Modify the value sets so all block.item references are changed to custom profile names. These profiles do not have to be defined within the Oracle Applications data dictionary because profiles can be created and set dynamically at run-time. To ensure the modified value sets work, the profiles must be populated before the APIs execute the flexfield validation. As with the PER_BUSINESS_GROUP_ID profile problem, this requires an API Before Process user hook to populate the profile values. Some of the required values will not be immediately available from the user hook package parameters. However any missing values can be derived from the HRMS tables. To ensure the flexfield validation continues to work in the Professional UI, the profile values need to be populated before the flexfield pop-up window is displayed. This can be done using the CUSTOM library. For the specific Forms when certain events occur, read the Form items to populate the custom profiles. Important: There may be some instances in the Self Service screens where it is not possible to display these flexfield values. This is because there is no Web page equivalent to the Forms' CUSTOM library to ensure the custom profiles are correctly populated. This will not be resolved until a future Release.


      Do you know any solution of this problem?


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