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    login using OS authentication type in oracle sql developer


      We are using Oracle 12c. SQL developer 19.

      I tried to use Oracle sql developer on my workstation to connect oracle db server.

      I want to use log in as sysdba role using OS authentication type.

      My windows account is a member of ora_DBA group on the server.


      Is it possible for me to do this?

      I tried but it failed with wrong user name and password.


      see screenshot below:




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          Gaz in Oz

          To login to database via a remote connection as sysdba you will need to setup the .orapw<instance_name> file using the orapwd utility  on the database server allowing remote sysdba logins with a sys password.

          This is true of any remote client login wrt sysdba, not just sqldev.

          Question to you: Why are you trying to login to the database as sysdba from a remote client?

          ssh to the db server and do what you need to do as the super user sys.

          If you do not really require to be logged in as sysdba, then create a suser with less privilages and administer the db using that user.