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    Oracle IAS 10g upgrade to Weblogic Migration Path & Supported Products


      I have a customer that is still running Oracle Internet Application Server 10g – and has a current support agreement. They are looking for recommendation/options to upgrade to a supported version.  As part of that license, they are using: HTTP  Server, OC4J/ADF Applications, Portal, Reports & SSO.


      Here is what I’ve found: - They are entitled to an upgrade to Weblogic Basic at no Charge. Only supported Version is 12.2.x

      • This gives them the rights to run all IAS components..
      • They will need to procure Web Tier for HTTP (not included in Basic)
      • There is a version of Oracle Reports 12.2 but need to be migrated to BI Publisher.  Extended support for 12.2.x ends Aug2025.

      My questions: -

      • Is there a cost to use BI Publisher?
      • Can they yea Access Manager as part of the WLS/IAS upgrade?
      • Even though Weblogic Basic gives them the rights to run IAS and it’s licensed components, does that mean there is a 12.2 version of Oracle Portal and SSO??  I don’t believe so.
      • I know that Webcenter Portal is the migration path for Oracle Portal.. But they need to procure correct?
      • I also believe that they need to procure some Identity product. They are heavily reliant on Access Manager today and also OID Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been combing thru Docs for 12.2 IAS and it continues to talk about all of the  old products, but I don’t believe any of them are supported except Forms and Reports