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    ORDS REST service with URL path parameter?

    Paul Jorstad

      I want to have REST services with the PK as part of the URL, like https://host/ords/db1/my_module/person/123321

      I.e. pass the unique ID as the last part of the URL. Of course, this is only applicable when there is only one "primary key" parameter This is out of the box when auto REST is enabled but we don't use that. We create every service by hand, preferabely from Apex' UI (RESTful services). By default, the parameter is added as the querystring like this: https://host/ords/db1/my_module/person?ID=123321. In the Apex UI, when you define a parameter, you can select "HTTP_HEADER" or "URI", but I don't see any difference when trying the service out.