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    Is there ANY documentation on how to POST lead form data on an external page to Eloqua?


      Due to increasing security restrictions in Firefox, I need to update the way we submit data to Eloqua. Previously, this was all done with AJAX, and we just threw out the lack of response that happened due to CORS. But Firefox still sent the data at that point - it "worked," we just didn't really have a way to verify the full exchange completed, it was all trust based. Now, they don't send the data at all, and obviously Oracle isn't gonna do anything about CORS. I'm reworking our form so that it submits to a handler on our side that will make the POST to our Eloqua endpoint serverside instead, but I can't find a thing that explains what Eloqua's form endpoint expects. I've done guess and check on every combination I can think of - GETs with query strings, POSTing JSON data, and none of it works. The request just bombs out and I get nothing back from Eloqua explaining why.


      I've done blind form submits before from emails just by creating a link with an appropriate query string attached, and that works, so I would have thought just sending a GET request set up that way should work, and yet I'm just getting failure after failure.


      Maybe there's a better, API-based way of creating lead records rather than submitting to the form endpoint?