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    ORA-06502 Error when migrating FND User passwords to hash mode sha-512

    Mary Grace Cruz



      I migrated our EBS user passwords using AFPASSWD and the log shows "System was successfully converted to hash mode", however there was ORA-06502 and all FND user passwords were not converted to hash mode during that time.   When the user reset their password, that's the only time their password get converted.


      I applied patch 28516072 as per Doc ID 2477954.1 and I wonder if I should migrate again our environment using "AFPASSWD -c apps -m SHA512 FULL" so that all our FND users gets converted?  Need your assistance please.



      Log from the first AFPASSWD password hashing migration:




          AFPASSWD -c apps -m SHA512 FULL



      Oracle error -6502: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small has been detected in FND_WEB_SEC..Oo_GubvLLr15R.

      System was successfully converted to hash mode.

      AFPASSWD completed successfully.


      We are on EBS R12.2.5



      Thank you in advance.