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    How to default a value in a field using Page Composer Personalization (Fusion ERP)

    Deshin Pillay-Oracle

      Hi there,

      I am trying to figure out how to default the current date into a date field using a personalization.

      Using the Page Composer in a Sandbox, I browse to the field that I want to modify, and edit it.


      In the "Default Value" property, I first set it to Override, and then using EL, I used the following expression #{generalSettings.formattedCurrentDate} and test it to ensure that the correct value is being returned. Which it is.

      I then apply changes, save and preview my Sandbox as if its Live.

      I try creating new rows, editing rows, etc but the date does not default at all into this field.

      I have even tried using the "Auto Complete" property as On and Off but it does not automatically default the date.

      Further to that, I also tried using that in the Value property, that sets it on the UI but it doesnt seem like the UI syncs back to the data model as the validation still pops up that a date must be populated.

      The Value property is #{row.bindings.NeedByDate.inputValue}

      I have tried other options too, but all it does it set it on the UI and not the value in the data model. I need to figure out how to set it in the data model or get the value in the UI to sync to the data model.

      Any advice on what I am doing wrong or missing?