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    Recover root password sun v240



      I going to administer a sun v240 but mi partners does not have root password and even less the DVD iso, how can I recover it? according to my partners that server is sunOS 5.8.

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          In case you have support for this system, You can download Solaris 8 iso image as patch 10356262.

          You can  use more fresh Solaris version for  boot for recovery root password, but:

              v240 can not run Solaris 11.

              Solaris 10  not available for  download now...


          Genaral procedure for recover  root password:

            - Boot system from install media  at single mode. 

            - Mount  disk  ( It may require additional steps in case  root disk mirrored)

            - Edit <mountpoint of disk>/etc/shadow  and put  hash of  new password for root.

            - unmount disk

            - Boot from original disk and check.


          You should create backup  of you system before any modification.


          Some  non-standart way:

             Solaris 8 - is very old system. Check it on  well-know vulnerability. 

             In case you have readable copy of /etc/shadow file - You can try run john  for brute force root password.



          In case you not have support, not have backup, not know root password - are you sure that this  system realy required ?