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    Does SQL Developer Windows Installer Install (or offer the option to install) Shortcuts to the Start Menu or Desktop?


      I just installed Oracle's SQL Developer version 19.2.1 this morning. I closed the application after installing it to see if I could be notified of any updates that might be immediately available. When I tried to relaunch the application I was surprised to find no easy way to do so. There were no Windows Start Menu or Desktop shortcuts. Did I miss the option to install these or is this just something that has been overlooked by Oracle?


      I know it's an easy thing for the end-user to do (create a shortcut on the Desktop or add an entry to the Start menu) but since 99.99% of applications that are installed on the Windows operating systems do this, it's just a natural thing to wonder why an application of this calibre doesn't follow suit.


      What's that old saying? "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."