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    Import new dmp




      I have oracle express 11g


      I'm totally new to oracle and i don't know how to do what i want to.


      Here's the thing.


      I have an script that imports a dmp file.


      Another department, has found out that the dmp file is wrong. They gave me a new dmp.


      When i try to import the new dmp, there are several objects that already exist.


      How can i empty or delete the actual database?


      Best Regards.

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          L. Fernigrini

          If it is a FULL database dump, then there are plenty of thing that will already exists on the new DB.


          If it is just a SCHEMA dump, you may want to delete all of the objects owned by that user (schema) on the target the DB and then try again doing the import.


          If you can post the exact expd command used to generate the dump (no need to include the password ) and the command you used to do the  impdp, that would be of great help too...