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    Opera 5.6 installation on 11204 database

    Manmohan Bhakuni

      Hi Experts,


      Need advice as to how can i proceed with an installation having 12c Apps on 11204PS18 database.  I have installed 11204 / PS18 database (using 505 dvd set) and then installed 12c weblogic apps provisioning server. This database and apps combinations is client requirement .


      Now post this basic installation, i have Opera schema version (default got installed using 505 dvd) on 505/E5 WHEREAS Apps runtimes version is 5.6.5 (default base installation).


      The issue is now that i can not crate Property Code because clicking on property code does not start at all.


      Will it find if i apply a patch on default Opera schema Only (from 505/E5 to 5.6.5), so that my schema and runtimes version will on sync. Then i will apply 5.6.7 patch on default schema and runtimes since the target version of our client is 5.6.7.


      Then i will drop default opera schema and then Restore property opera schema which is on 5.04.01 version and then apply a mega patch on Schema Only until it reached the target version 5.6.7.


      Please share your expertise. Shall be very much grateful.



      Manmohan (oracle dba / Opera PMS)

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