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    SQL in custom folders of Appilcations Mode EUL


      When working with an Oracle BI Discoverer Applications Mode EUL associated with an instance of Oracle EBS R12.2.4 that uses EBR (Edition-Based Redefinition or "online patching"), should all SQL in Discoverer custom folders follow the standard described on page 4-13 of the "Oracle E-Business Suite Concepts Release 12.2" guide (Part No. E22949-12) that states: "All code (Oracle E-Business Suite, custom, or third-party) must access Oracle E-Business Suite data via the cover layer: accessing the data model via the physical layer may result in obsolete data been returned ... The implementation of EBR for Oracle E-Business Suite requires all code to access the data model via the APPS synonym, which points to the editioning view (logical model)."


      In other words, should all SQL in custom folders refer to APPS synonyms instead of referencing tables via schema names? This question was previously posted in 2 other spaces, and I was most recently referred to this space. Please provide an answer.