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    19.4 - Column aliases for function expressions not aligning with simple expressions


      Thanks to your generous help, I only have a few small nitpicks remaining when it comes to the automatic formatting. Even large procedures work well by now, so thanks for being so responsive!


      I find it confusing that column aliases for function expressions and simple expressions do not line up. Once again, I am using SQL Developer with Default Settings.


          table_name  AS col_alias,
          prod        AS col_alias2,
          CASE owner
              WHEN 'SYS'     THEN
                  'The owner is SYS'
              WHEN 'SYSTEM'  THEN
                  'The owner is SYSTEM'
                  'The owner is another value'
          END AS col_alias3


      Ideally, I would like not only col_alias and col_alias2 to line up, but col_alias3 as well.


      I have read https://community.oracle.com/message/15484312 and you mentioned that


           | :alignTabColAliases  & [id) column & [id) expr & [id^) select_term & [id+1) as_alias & [scope) select_clause


      should fix this particular issue, but that does not seem to be the case!? Or am I missing something?