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    How can I get better JDBC exception messages than "!csJdbcGenericError"?

    Volker Heiselmayer



      I have the problem, that JDBC exceptions just say "!csJdbcGenericError" when the SQL query fails.

      How can I get better information like "Table or view does not exist!" etc.?


      I have a class extending "ServiceHandler" which is used as a service in WebCenter Content.



      Provider p = Providers.getProvider(Config.ProviderName);

      Workspace workspace = (Workspace)p.getProvider();

      DataBinder Data;


      try {

           int num_rows = (int) workspace.executeSQL("QTest", Data);

           // QTest --> SELECT * FROM nonexistingtable



      catch (final Exception e) {

           // Here e.getMessage() is "!csJdbcGenericError"!





      It's really annoying. I was looking around but I could not find any other funktion, message or even an additional config in

      the Weblogic data source configuration.


      So how can I get clear error messages which are coming from the database?