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    GG 19.1 - nospacestonull issue


      Hi guys!

      I have a unidiretional replication, where the source is MS SQL Server 2012 database, and the target is Oracle 11 R2.

      On the source side I installed GG (CDC Capture) and on the target GG

      Everything is working fine, except by one case. I have some tables on SQL Server that have columns of type VARCHAR NOT NULL, and there are some rows with empty strings '' as column value.

      As you know, Oracle database treats '' and NULL as the same, and here that my issue begins.

      When the replicat processes tries to process these rows, it abends with and ORA-01407: cannot update COLUMN to NULL (status = 1407).

      Reading the GoldenGate documentation, I found a parameter that applies to this case, but it's not working for me!




      I configured the replicat to use NOSPACESTONULL, and the problem remains.

      I would't like to change the columns on the target to accept NULL, because beyond I have a lot of tables, I can't know if there are others tables and rows with same situation.


      Does anybody here already faced this problem?


      Best Regards,