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    Different ogg versions between source & target?




      My source db version is,and target is 18c,which ogg version I should pick up ? I check ogg 18c doesn't  support db,is it fine use ogg 11gR2 as source extract,while ogg18c at target?

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          Yes, OGG 18c does not support Try to go to the latest version possible in the source side. In the target you can have either OGG 18c or 19c.


          Below is the recommendation,


          1. OGG versions should be same in both Source and Target.

          2. OGG version in Target should be higher than the Source OGG version.


          So, in your case, the Target OGG version is higher than the Source. So, it would not cause any problems. You can go ahead with the installation and configuration.