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    Summary Payment Application rounding


      We've been using a Progress Estimate Business Process along with a Summary Payment Application SOV (Both are customized to some extent and not the exact out of the box BPs) since May of 2019.  We are running up against an issue when we are finishing up paying for items, where due to rounding an item is trying to be overpaid.  Here is an example of what is happening:


      Estimate #Unit PriceEstimate Quantity
      Exact CalculationUnifier Calc (Rounded)Difference




      So, in our case, we paid the item correctly on each estimate (rounding up appropriately) when we attempt to pay the 10th estimate, it's overpaying by $0.02 based on what's available on the item in SOV.


      I'm just trying to figure out how others that are using the Summary Pay App SOV and a Cost type Estimate BP, are getting around this issue with rounding.


      We are currently on V18.8.14 and On Premise.


      Sorry if I haven't explained everything correctly.  I am still learning how we are using Unifier for our Estimate process, so if there is something I'm leaving out that will help, please let me know.


      Thanks in advance

      Billy Sweeney

      Delaware DOT