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    Template Validation Process


      So i have a template that i have saved on my local machine.  I have created simple business rules through 'Processes' in the EDQ Director interface.  I just want to link my template, and to it go through a validation process to edq process, where i can run the validation, until the template is viable to be exported.  I know there is an initial push of the template, and I know I'll have to create a job, then run the job until it passes the validation, but i don't know the steps.  Is there a white paper or blog on this process, and/or steps?

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          The question is unfortunately not clear. What do you mean by 'template'?


          Processes in EDQ are run on data, where data is captured into EDQ using a variety of different ways, but normally from an EDQ data store. If you have data existing on your client that you cannot easily upload to the server for processing, create a client-side data store and run a snapshot to capture the data. You can then run a process that reads from this snapshot. If the file remains connected only via the client then you cannot run scheduled jobs to capture the data repeatedly as the client may be disconnected.

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            So the source of the data is an xls file. So i created an EDQ data store, pointing to that file.  I also created a new snapshot, thus have staged the data in EDQ.  I then exported, and saved the output in a temp file, on my client.  This is what i was referring to as a template.  I also have created, simple/test business rules under processes, and i want to be able to run a job to capture the data repeatedly, with the results passing, until my template is viable to be exported.  Does this make sense?

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              It makes sense but your snapshot and export are both to client-side data stores, meaning they cannot be configured as part of a job. Jobs need to run entirely on the server so cannot use client connections.




              If you want to automate this type of process you will need to upload your Excel spreadsheet to the server (e.g. using the SFTP interface) and use server-side data stores.