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    12c SOA - How to do dynamic XSLT easy way

    Srinanda Das

      12c SOA - How to do dynamic XSLT easy way.


      Any suggestion.


      Thank you.

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          Martien van den Akker

          Hi Srinanda,


          I think you want to dynamically choose an xslt to execute on runtime?

          If you create a transformation activity in BPEL, choose the sources and targets, create the xslt etc. then if you go to the source view, you will discover that it is actually an assign activity.

          The execution of the xslt is done through an xpath expression that references the particular xslt file.

          What you can do is

          • Create a DVM for instance that contains a column on which you want to select, and a second column that lists the particular xslt to be executed.
          • Then create string variable 'xsltFile' and an assign before the transformation, in which you do an assign using the LookupDVM() to translate the selection code to the actual xslt file with the xsltFile variable as target.
          • From the source view move the copy rule of the transformation to the assign with the LookupDVM() function, remove the transformation activity.
          • In the expression builder replace the reference to the xslt with the xsltFile variable.


          That should do the trick.

          Kind regards,