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    Task flow task kick off duplicates


      We have task flow set up to run HFM consolidations every 4 hours.   Sometimes, task flow kick off the consolidation twice at same time.  For example, 2 consolidation scheduled to run at 8am kick off at the same time.


      Anyone experience the similar issue or know what may cause the issue?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hello - I am experiencing the same thing in my environments. The most recent was today: I ran a taskflow for consolidations and it was going well. Then, an Intercompany Report was ran by another user. Around this time was when the 2nd taskflow executed and my consolidations doubled up. Not sure what is causing this but any insight would be greatly appreciated!


          Some more information: The taskflow has multiple years on 1 stage. e.g. I am consolidating multiple years (2006 through 2019) for 1 parent rollup.

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            I have seen this happen in our env as well.


            We had a taskflow that ran multiple consolidations over different scenarios and at times when the taskflow ran for more than 2 hours, it would spawn another consolidation.


            How long does your taskflow run for, in general?


            Have you considered breaking the stages into separate taskflows?