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    Replication between two disparate ODSEE topologies



      We are planning to move an ODSEE topology running on Solaris machines to another ODSEE topology running on Linux machines and they are all managed by their own DSCCs. While doing that, we would like to have two live topologies in read/write state and be replicated each other in order to minimize the risk of service outage. By doing this, any client application completed their functional tests on test environment would direct their production environment to the new production ODSEE topology anytime without waiting for the one-shot migration day.


      We know there is a feature came with the OUD replicating between an ODSEE and an OUD topologies using a Replication Gateway but we are wondering if this implementation is applicable to two disparate ODSEE topologies as well. If not, is there any other way to implement such replication scheme and how?


      Thanks in advance,