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    OHS Configuration - redirect


      Hi team,


      could somebody please tell me how i can redirect in case off error in OHS (http-404 or http-503) the same request (the failed request) to the next member in a SOA Cluster?

      OHS send request to a running SOA Server. But the SOAINFRA is still initializing. In these case i got the error http-404.



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          Martien van den Akker



          I don't think this can be done. If you use the weblogic proxy plugin and address a comma separated list of managed server as a cluster using the WeblogicCluster element (https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1212/webtier/PLGWL/apache.htm#PLGWL406 ), then OHS can sense or be signaled that a managed server is "in the air" or not.

          However, if you get a HTTP 404 or a 50x exception then basically the server is up, as far as OHS is concerned.

          OHS can't know that the 404 is because you address a resource that really does not or isn't loaded by the SOA Infrastructure (it actually does not know that the weblogic is a SOASuite Server). Also if you get an internal server error: it actually means that the resource is there, but failed because of an internal exception. Is that because you provided a request that did not conform the prerequisites of the service or if soa-infra isn't done loading? How would OHS know?


          As far as initial startup counts: you probably should only start the OHS after the SOASuite is fully up. For a restart/failover of a single node within a cluster I don't have a proper idea for now.


          Kind regards,