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    Oracle Java class repository


      Hi - Is there any note/document available, which talks about java class files and its method. The class/method used within the Oracle APPS R12.1.3


      Problem: We are facing some issues on remove method in remote server. If the files for some reason are not removed from the remote server, it doesn't raise any error/exception. We are using "rm" method from SFTPUtil.


      We have workaround to it, check if the file exist after calling "rm" method by using following "sshmessage = SFTPConnection.stat(sRemoteFileNameAndDir, new UnsignedInteger32(0L));"

      Now, sshmessage.getMessageType() returns 2 values 105 or 101 based on file exist or NOT.

      We want to be sure on meaning of these values.


      Regards., Rinki