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    fixating a reverse proxy to only one application_id

    Edwin van Meerendonk

      This is more an apache question than a ORDS question, but it is related.


      We have a working apache reverse proxy in front of an ORDS in our OCI VCN. Traffic from the internet for an application is DNS'ed to the reverse proxy, traffic from the LAN is routed trough a DRG to the VCN; bypassing the RP.

      Lets say we are serving application 165 to the internet. So everything is rewritten to /ords/f?p=165:*****


      But now someone can replace 165 with e.g. 4000 and we are in the builder or any other application. This is of course not wat we want.

      Every other application ID, accessed from the RP should be forbidden.


      Anyone who knows how to fixate the virtual host in the RP to just application_id 165?