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    Glitch in points awarding


      Not sure anyone else experienced it, although I see my post was marked as correct, the system did not award the points. Is there an issue?


      The thread in context:

      Transposing rows into columns

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          Sometimes there is a glitch and points are not awarded, and the admin can manually add points if you're desperate for them (a lot of people aren't).


          Sometimes though, it's just a delay.  The gamification module is sometimes running behind and needs to catch up, so I'd suggest you wait a while and see.


          I'll ask admin to check..

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            L. Fernigrini

            There are plenty of issues with the gamification system. I have 56.785 points on my profile, but only 56535 on the "ranking"



            I have more than 150 correct answers on the Database sections of the Groundbreakers community:


            but around 120 on the entire OTN (Groundbreakers) space...

            There are plenty of problems, some of them are them fixed on the platform but the inaccurate data is not fixed... I would not worry too much unless happen again, either to you or someone else that finds the same problem...

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              From Jim Finch-Oracle


              For those with point imbalances can direct message me here or e-mail me at jim.finch@oracle.com showing what the balances are now and what they should be and I'll assign one (or multiple) of our bug fix badges to bring the balance back where it should be.


              Again, please include screen shots of what it's showing and an estimate of what it should be and please, direct message or e-mail only.





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                I did notice the same thing, and at about the same time as you are reporting (early morning on 20 February PST).


                I am not sharing more info, as I have really no interest in the whole "reputation" thing - I think it's a bad joke; I am just confirming to you that you are not imagining things.

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                  Resolved by Jim Finch-Oracle. Thank you both for the support.