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    Enable zoom_available in custom.pll and calling form

    Mohammed Fareed Hussain

      Hi Experts,

      Oracle Application: 12.2.4

      Oracle Forms Version:


      I am working on a requirement form personalization using custom.pll enabling the zoom button using the below code in custom.pll


      function zoom_available return boolean is
      form_name  varchar2(30) := name_in('system.current_form');
      block_name varchar2(30) := name_in('system.cursor_block');
      if (form_name = 'FNDSCRSP' and block_name = 'RESPONSIBILITY') then
            return TRUE;
            return FALSE;
          end if;
        end zoom_available;

      My zoom in button got enabled for RESPONSIBILITY form.

      I have a requirement that if the zoom button is clicked then I should take me to REQUEST GROUP form and should copy the values RESPONSIBILITY form VALUES ARE REQUEST_GROUP_NAME and APPLICATION_NAME and should display the records based on the Values which is passed by RESPONSIBILITY form. I am trying to do these in custom.pll event procedure I have incomplete code below please help me to complete these codes.

      procedure event(event_name varchar2) is
      form_name VARCHAR2(50):= NAME_IN('system.current_form');
        block_name VARCHAR2(50):= NAME_IN('system.cursor_block');
         IF (event_name = 'ZOOM')
            IF (form_name = 'FNDSCRSP' AND block_name = 'RESPONSIBILITY')
               fnd_function.execute (FUNCTION_NAME   => 'FND_FNDRSGRP',
                                     OPEN_FLAG       => 'Y',
                                     SESSION_FLAG    => 'Y',
                                     OTHER_PARAMS    => NULL);
            END IF;
         END IF;
      END event;

      the above code is calling another form but how can I pass the values to the destination form and get the result based on that values.


      thanks and regards,