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    OIM SQL Query for Direct or Indirect Roles on Users

    Dean the Identity Ninja


      We need to build a query that takes a user and lists all their roles. The problem is that I need to have a column that says whether the role in question is given to the user directly or indirectly with inheritance. OIM does this within the self service portal, but I need a query. What tables would I need to get this information, or what SQL query would be able to help make this happen?


      Query Input: username

      Query Output:

      Role NameDescription
      Membership TypeAssigned OnRequest IDStart DateEnd Date


      this is a roleDirect1/1/19991234561/16/1999
      role1.5this is a role of a rollIndirect1/1/19991234571/16/1999


      This question is similar, but nothing helpful was gained from the answers. Query regarding Role Inheritance needed