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    oj-select-single with values containing < >

    Jonathan Corwin

      I have an oj-select-single with values of the form "Fred Bloggs <fredbloggs@example.com>"


      When the dropdown is closed, then this displays fine. However when opened, it attempts to render it as html so I lose the email address part.

      If instead I replace the < with &lt; then it displays the &lt; when closed, but < when opened.


      For example in the Cookbook select-single Basic example https://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/jet/jetCookbook.html?component=selectSingle&demo=dataProvider

      Replace the browsers array with

            var browsers = [
              { value: 'FB', label: 'Fred Bloggs <fredbloggs@example.com>' },
              { value: 'JS', label: 'John Smith &lt;johnsmith@example.com&gt;' }




      Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way to use these characters consistently, or will I need to switch to a different type of bracket?


      Oracle Jet v8.1.0/Windows 10/Chrome.