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    Requests for improvement


      Hi. As the welcome announces: "You are in the right place if you have a question or enhancement request regarding Oracle XE", then we propose as users of this good product, improvements, and if we defend our proposal with valid arguments, better.

      I cannot conceive that everything in Oracle XE is said and that more and better cannot be done.
      In the end, we are members of this community and can suggest based on our experience and needs.

      I invite you to participate.



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          Mike Kutz

          The XE code is just the EE code with a few features disabled.


          Therefore, feature requests of the RDBMS belong in Database Ideas


          Now, as far as XE Installation goes, that would belong in the Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)  forum.  But, to keep things clean, I'd recommend posting a new thread of each new recommendation.


          eg There was once a thread about upgrading 18c XE to 19c 20c XE using the PDB unplug-replace code-plugin method.  Having the Installation wizard handling all of those steps would be very nice.


          My $0.02