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    oracle revenue management cloud (ORMC) SOA integration.


      Dear Team,


      We have a use case to sync all data from oracle revenue management cloud (ORMC) to on-premise oracle DB daily and as middle-ware we have SOA Currently ORMC to on-premise DB is  'file-data pull' approach, ORMC push files to UCM (cloud) and from UCM (cloud) to ETL (on-prem) via SOA. But now we have issues when file sizes are in 100 MB+, ORMC is not able to split the files using BICC or BIP.


      Rather then 'file-data pull', can ORMC go for 'data-push' via SOA web service call to sync to on-prem.


      Can you help to suggest does RMCS provides API(s) to pull data from its tables and then can some customer solution be done to push these data to SOA exposed service to push data to on-premise Oracle DB.