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    Server Specification for EBS R12.2.9

    Muhammad Masoom Ansari


      I want to buy a Servers on following requirements, also plz suggest the Server spec.

      1. Prod server (Single node)


      1. Application that will be run?                                                                            Oracle EBS R12.2.8 RDBMS 12C
      2. No of concurrent users:                                                                                  80-100
      3. How many cores do you need?                                                                     suggest
      4. Single Socket or Dual Socket?                                                                      Dual
      5. How much memory?                                                                                      128GB or more ?
      6. How much usable space?                                                                             At least 5TB  (900GB *6 )
      7. Should I need SSD-SAS or go with SAS only ?
      8. Which RAID configuration are you looking for?                                            RAID-1 for OS & RAID-5 for Database
      9. VMware required or not ?                                                                            NO
      10. 1GBps or 10Gbps network card?                                                                1GBps card