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    FCCS Intercompany mismatch report


      We are implementing FCCS and have got to grips with the way it handles and eliminates ICP / intercompany transactions.  The mechanics work fine.  However, as most of our markets are not yet on Fusion and so not using the intercompany workbench at the ledger level we are anticipating a fair number of mismatches.  The FCCS inbuilt intercompany report gives a factually correct picture of the mismatches but it is not very user friendly and is not something we'd want to send to our markets to help them resolve the balances.  We tried generating a more user-friendly format but couldn't find a solution that didn't need loads of sql coding and even that didn't really work.

      Has anyone come across a neat way to show each side of an intercompany transaction, ideally at base entity level and in entity and reporting currencies in the same report (we can get the report to give us local currency but the mismatch in the total column is misleading), with a report "grand total" and that is in a format that can be shared?


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