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    issue modifying rtf file to customize custom print


      HI all


      I'm having troubles modifying my rtf template.


      The first time designing the custom print or report it works just fine but when publish it within Unifer and then need to do some changes I can not open the element properties and do modification as need, and i have to re-do the whole template!


      I thought there is something wrong with xml file generated from BI but when I pass the parameter in BI and generate the sample data it works fine and i can export the xml file. and when validate the rtf file it does not show any errors.


      I'm not quite sure what is going wrong and re-doing the whole template is not a solution.


      here is the product involved in the process


      Unifier: Cloud 19

      Windows OS: W10 /64 bit

      Microsoft Office: 365/ 32 bit

      BI add in: Desktop add in word 32 bit


      Does anyone have a similar issue, or have any suggestion?


      Please advice