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    OatmialResouce unHealthy when Tux fail back configured


      I am facing a peculiar issue with OatmialResource declared unhealthy by the WTC.

      This seems to occur only when I have a 2nd port configured for a failover/failback situation.


      We have a configuration ...

      - Two weblogic servers - WLS-A and WLS-B

                      - Each has one WTC port opened.. lets say WLS-Ap and WLS-Bp respectively


      - We have two Tuxedo servers - TuxA and TuxB

      - Each have two ports to support failover and failback for the WLSA and WLSB

                  - Tux-Ap1, Tux-Ap2 and Tux-Bp1 and Tux- Bp2

                       - WLS-Ap --> TuxA1 & TuxB2

                       - WLS-Bp --> TuxB1 & TuxA2


      When I do this .. the WTC comes back with a "Resource: OatmialResource declared unhealthy" .. and then JTA rolls back the txn.


      However, when I take off one of the ports from each Tux and dedicate the remaning one for the WLS it works ..  (remove TuxA2 and Tux B2)

                     - WLS-Ap--> TuxA1

                     - WLS-Ap--> TuxB1

      THIS WORKS ...



      Can anyone explain ? Help ?