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    How can we change cXML values for UserAgent and Request deploymentMode in PO?

    Brian Butterworth

      We know system profile "PO: cXML From Domain" determines Credential Domain, and system profile "PO: cXML From Identity" determines Identity value. It is not obvious how you impact the UserAgent and "Request Deploymentmode" values. One of our suppliers is asking that we set "Request Deploymentmode" to test, and I found a note that says XML map has logic that sets mode to production based on value in UserAgent.


      This is what UserAgent is set to now, and we are on version 12.2.4.  Support says we need to alter map.  Suggested enhancement request to make this configurable like the other two System Profiles. 


      <UserAgent>Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Purchasing 11.5.9</UserAgent>


      SR 3-22482497481