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    MEB 8.0.19 restore fails with " ERROR: backup_variables.txt file is missing"




      Sorry i am new to mysql so this may be an obvious fix. I am trying out Mysqlbackup 8.0.19 and when trying to restore an incremental backup it fails with the following.

      MAIN   ERROR: backup_variables.txt file is missing in --datadir=/client/mydata/mysqld3308, --incremental copy-back-and-apply-log could not be performed. The validation for lsn mismatch between datadir and incremental backup could not be performed.


      Here is the command i am using




              --backup-dir=/client/mysql/temp --messages-logdir=/client/mysql/temp

              --host= --port=3308 --incremental copy-back-and-apply-log


      From my understanding this is created under the backupdirectory/meta and is then compared against the datadir one? I dont seem to have one in the datadir, so are there any ramifications from simply copying an existing file to datadir?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!