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    Add multiple custom top to newprods.txt


      Hi All,

      ebs 12.1.9

      run adsplice with entries of 2 products and it error out immediate after reading the file newprod.txt


      per note:

      Creating a Custom Application in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1577707.1)

      For example, if you want to create four custom tops, you will need to create four xxxprod.txt and four xxxterr.txt files, but only need to create a single newprod.txt file with entries for all four custom products. You can then register all four products in a single run of AD Splice.

      the combination in newprod.txt


      product=xxxx_ar   -- this line is fine


      product=xxxx_ar   only run the first line.




      product=xxxx_ar,xxxx_ap  -- not working


      product=xxxx_ar;xxxx_ap  -- not working


      Please help on how to add 2 products to this file newprod.txt