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    Force calculate needed - why?


      Hello experts,


      We are using <PCA> in HFM for journal entries, and in 2020, I had to go to each entity that's translated and run either a Calculate or Force Calculate on <PCA> to get the opening balances to appear. Strange thing is we have two scenarios, and in one everything was fine (meaning a simple Consolidate brought the opening balances), but not in the second one.


      The rules are the same for each scenario. Anybody could give me pointers as to where I could look to resolve this?





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          Rules generally don't run where there's NODATA as a cell status.  Both Consolidate and Consolidate All With Data will skip over those.


          Normally, a force calculate is going to be the manual solution where an Impact Status rule is the automatic solution.  I'd suggest taking a look through your rules to see if there's something triggering an impact status on the working scenario that doesn't apply to the one requiring the force calc.

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            Do a search in this forum for HS.ImpacStatus and as Jeo123 suggested, this is likely your solution - to make use of this function. You should use it for any node in which data or journals enter the application. Typically that would be (all base entities And <Entity Currency>) Or any * Adjs value member Or (any parent entity in which you use HS.Input (which would be rare) And <Entity Currency>). Once you have this in place you will find that Consolidate/Calculate/Translate will work just fine in the new year.


            - Chris

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              I typo'd HS.ImpactStatus above but can't edit it.

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                We do have HS.ImpactStatus running on our main scenario, but not on our secondary one.


                It runs at <EC>, <ECA> and <PCA>, I believe that's good for us.


                We have a YTD application, so every month, the opening balances should be pulled from Y#Prior.P#Last, but I see that the rule only runs in December for January. Does that also impact every other month (like February) or am I missing a piece of the rule to make it work for our other scenario?


                If HS.Period.IsLast() then

                     Select Case Ucase(vScenario)

                          Case "MAIN"

                               ImpactedPeriod = "S#" & vScenario & ".P#First.Y#Next"


                          Case "SECONDARY"

                               ImpactedPeriod = "S#" & vScenario & ".P#First.Y#Next"


                     End select

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                  Your code is correct. You only need to use ImpactStatus where the application does not recognise that there is a data dependency. When you change data in December, HFM does not natively impact January to say there is a change in data so you need ImpactStatus. When you change data in January and you have data in February, HFM will change the calculation status of February automatically so you do not need to force a change in status with ImpactStatus.


                  ImpactStatus is the slowest function in the Rules so I always check if it needs to be executed before calling it. I strongly suggest you check the calculation status (CalcStatus) of the POV to see if it needs to be impacted before calling ImpactStatus.

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                    Thanks a lot, everything's working fine now!