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    Newbie questions regarding ORDS




      I have installed APEX 19.2 (works) and now ORDS 19.4, I followed this document (Oracle 19c as db, running in a weblogic cluster, three nodes):


      https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-rest-data-services/19.4/aelig/installing-REST-data-services.html#GUID-… https://docs.oracle.com/en/database/oracle/oracle-rest-data-services/19.4/aelig/installing-REST-data-services.html#GUID-18C6F9AC-F6DF-45D9-9AE4-6668DF563466


      Installation went fine and I have installed the application in WLS, but when trying to access statis images I get:


      404 error

      The request could not be mapped to any database. Check the request URL is correct, and that URL to database mappings have been correctly configured


      How to take this further?


      1. How do I enable tracing and restart the APEX listener?

      2. Do I need to do more things than what was included in the document?

      3. The document refres to the images as "java -jar ords.war static <apex directory>/images"

      I used /shared/apex_images/images

      There are images both in /shared/apex_images/ and /shared/apex_images/images.

      How to tell which one to use?




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          Peter de Vaal

          The apex images are in the images directory of the apex installation. You can copy these to /shared/apex_images if you like.

          The configuration of the images directory just links the URL /i/ to that directory, so if you request http://<your server>:<weblogic port>/i/<some image name.jpg> you would get the image in the browser. It will not go through ORDS because the URL does not contain /ords/.


          What happens if you start apex (http://<server>:<port>/ords/apex) ? Do you get the apex login page without the images?

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            I get nothing when going towards (url not found)




            but (http://<server>:<port>/ords/)  works fine and I get the images.


            I can access the images using /i/. I have an consultant the will test this, I will proberbly comeback with more questions...






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              Perhaps the image prefix of your APEX installation is not /i/


              You can check it with this code:




              You can either change your image prefix to /i/ if it is not /i/ using the script utilities/reset_image_prefix.sql within the APEX installation directory or you can change the directory structure on your web server to match the image prefix.